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The word "place" can be used as a noun or as a verb.

As a verb, "it’s similar to the word "put."

  • You can place those boxes on the table. (You can put those boxes on the table.)
  • We placed some bets when we went to the racetrack last weekend.
  • Brianna placed her nicest furniture in the living room of her new house.
  • The city placed a memorial in the downtown area to commemorate the lives lost in the storm.

When the word "place" is used as a noun, it’s a location, a building, or a business:

  • Tom has a very nice place in a high-rise located in a great neighborhood. (place = apartment)
  • I know of a great place to get pizza if you’re hungry. (place = restaurant)
  • Rosanna and her husband bought a place on a lake which they plan to renovate. (place = house)
  • Let’s go over to that place on 6th Street for a beer. (place = bar)
  • We went to an interesting place last weekend that sold handmade toys made only of wood. (place = business; store)

The word "place" is also used when announcing winners in a contest:

  • Sophia came in first place in the 100-meter dash.
  • Her friend, Tanya, came in second place.
  • There were two third-place winners in the apple pie bake off. (____ off = contest)
  • Irving Ecclestone was the first place winner in the run-off election.

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