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A question is asked when a person needs an answer. In these sentences, the word "question" is a noun:

  • I have a question for you.
  • The students had many questions for their teacher.
  • May I ask you a question, please?
  • What kinds of questions do you do have?
  • Are there any questions?

He has a question.

You can also use this word as a verb; however, if you do, the meaning of the word implies that a person is suspicious or doubtful of another person. Be careful if you choose to use "question" as a verb.

  • The police questioned the suspect about the crime.
  • Helen questioned the need for some work that was done on her car.
  • When Dave questioned his supervisor’s decisions, he was fired from his job.
  • Why are you questioning me? I’ve done nothing wrong.

The form of punctuation used for a question looks like this: ?  This is called a question mark. When you are writing, make sure the question mark goes at the end of the question.

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October 13, 2012



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