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Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence. Use each word once.

 beg  describe  envy  flab  glimpse  hill  intimidate  length  passage  satisfy  server  strike  tab  vacation  would  

1. The __________ of rope they needed measured over 100 feet.

2. The workers were so unhappy with their working conditions and salary, they went on __________.

3. Sarah was unable to hide her __________ when she found out that her sister was getting married.

4. Once the kids reached the top of the __________ with their bikes, they coasted down towards the river.

5. Ted tried to __________ his feelings for his girlfriend, but he couldn’t find the words.

6. The police in their riot gear could not ___________ the protestors.

7. Please don’t __________ me for money. It’s so undignified.

8. The teacher read to her students a long __________ from the novel.

9. His hospital stay was over $90,000, but the insurance company will pick up most of the __________.

10. How __________ you like it if someone did that to you?

11. As the man aged, his lean muscular body turned to __________.

12. A large crowd standing outside of the hotel barely caught a __________ of the actress as she walked though the lobby.

13. "Hi, my name is Rosalia and I’ll be your __________ for this evening."

14. The portions of food we received at the restaurant were so small, they didn’t _________ our hunger.

15. Ski resorts north of here are popular places to go on __________.


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