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The word "present" has a few different meanings. Notice the pronunciation of this word. The accent is on the first syllable: prez ent.

A present is a gift:

  • Children receive a lot of presents on Christmas Day.
  • Hubert gave his wife a present for her birthday.
  • Look at all the presents!


The word "present" can also be used as an adjective or as a noun when referring to things that are happening now or every day:

  • At the present time, you can get a good deal on a house because rates are low.
  • They have no plans for the future at present.
  • It’s important to know how to use the present tense in English.
  • It’s good to live in the present, but you also have to think about and plan for the future.
  • This present problem must be addressed immediately.
  • Who is your present English teacher?
  • Where do you live at present?
  • What is your present address?

Sometimes this word is used when a person is available or in person so that you can talk face to face:

  • When the teacher called the students’ names, they answered with the words "here" or "present."
  • Catherine is not present in school today.
  • Dr. Williams is not present today. He’ll be in his office tomorrow.

Note: When the accent is on the second syllable,

pre zent

it means to give or show. Click here to learn how "present" might be used as a verb.

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December 17, 2013



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