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If something operates when it’s plugged into a wall outlet or is battery-powered, it’s electric.

  • We use an electric oven.
  • Many small appliances are electric.
  • Our clothes dryer is electric.
  • I play an electric guitar.
  • Every month we have to pay the electric bill.

The noun form for this word is electricity.

  • The oven runs on electricity.
  • Without electricity, I can’t work on this website.
  • Last week many people along the east coast were without electricity because of a snow storm.
  • Electricity is an essential utility in a home.

e lec tri ci ty

Sometimes the word "electrical" is used as an adjective:

  • My neighbor’s son is studying electrical engineering in college.
  • The hardware store sells electrical supplies and electrical equipment.
  • Special electrical tools are necessary for fixing problems related to electricity.

The person whose career it is to work with electricity is called an electrician:

  • We need to get an electrician out to our house to fix a few small problems with our ceiling fans.
  • Electricians can usually find work wherever they go because everyone uses electricity.

This is an electric guitar.

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February 18, 2013



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