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The word "delete" is a verb that means to get rid of something, to remove, or to erase. It’s often used when using a computer and eliminating text (words) or files.

  • Chris deleted something on the document by mistake.
  • Names of students who did not attend class on the first day were deleted from the attendance.
  • Mohammad needs to delete some information on his computer.
  • To delete text, you can highlight it and then hit the return button.
  • If you delete something accidentally, go to the menu, click on "edit" and then click "undo."

delete He’s deleting some files.

The word "delete" is often used as a noun:

  • I hit delete by mistake.
  • Where’s delete on this keyboard?

"Delete" can also be used as an adjective:

  • Hit the delete key to get rid of the text.
  • Do you know where the delete button is on your phone?

Note: "Delete" is one of those words that has become more common with the rise of the personal computer.

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January 31, 2013



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