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The word "prior" is an adjective that means before.

  • What was your prior address? (What was your address before you moved to a new location?)
  • The thief had some prior convictions. (He was found guilty of other crimes.)
  • Prior to moving to the United States, Jorge was a doctor in Mexico.
  • Prior to the mid 1990s, Most people didn’t really know how to use the internet.

The word "priority" is related to "prior." A priority is something important that you do or something that you consider before doing other things.

  • Getting a college degree is a priority for Gladys.
  • Don considers the welfare of his family to be his top priority.
  • Kevin’s priorities are all mixed up. He’d rather spend time going out with his friends late at night than do his homework.
  • The reduction of gun violence in the United States has become one of Barack Obama’s top priorities as President.

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January 10, 2013



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