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This common word in English has a few different meanings:

A tag is a piece of paper that shows how much something costs. You can also use the words "price tag."

price tag

  • Is there a tag on the lamp?
  • What does the price tag say?
  • What’s the price on the tag?

A popular game among children in the United States is called "tag." One child is "it" and he or she tries to touch, or tag, another child who then becomes "it."

  • I just tagged you. You’re it.

In baseball, tagging another player with the ball or the ball in a glove prevents that player from running on the bases or scoring.

  • The catcher tagged the runner with his glove.

The word "tag" is also used with the preposition "along" to form the idiom, "tag along." This means to follow someone.

  • If you go to the convention, do you mind if I tag along?
  • Jeremy is tired of having his little brother tag along everywhere he goes.
  • Journalists tag along with President Obama when he visits other countries.

Recently, the word "tag" has been used when identifying someone’s picture on a social media site like Facebook.

  • I tagged all of my friends in the picture so that they could find it online.

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June 10, 2013



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