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There are two meanings for the word "admit" that you should know:

To admit is to say that something is true, however reluctantly:

  • Martha admitted to eating all of the chocolate cake. (Notice the use of a gerund after admit to.)
  • Our teacher wouldn’t admit his mistake.
  • The suspect in the murder finally admitted to the crime.
  • Darla is afraid to admit her habit of smoking to her parents.
  • I have to admit that new Justin Timberlake song is pretty good.

As a noun, the word becomes admission:

  • The young boy’s painful admission to theft made his mother cry.
  • An admission of guilt was used by the prosecuting attorney against the defendant.

To admit is also to allow a person to enter:

  • The college admitted over two thousand students this year.
  • Mitchell was admitted into the movie theater after lying about his age.
  • His friends were denied admission. (This sentence uses the noun form of the word.)
  • What’s the price of admission for the movie? (This sentence also uses a noun.)

movie theater The price of admission for a movie keeps going up.

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