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"Big" is a small word but we use it to describe things that are large.

bigThat’s a big tree.

As an adjective, "big" is used in many popular expressions and phrases.

  • This is going to be big. (Something exciting is probably going to happen.)
  • I’ve got big news. (I have information about an important event.)
  • She has big ideas. (She dreams and thinks about interesting things.)
  • That company is getting big. (The company is growing.)
  • Think big. (Allow yourself to dream.)
  • You’ve got big problems. (You’re in trouble.)
  • Don’t make a big deal about this. (Don’t worry about this.)
  • This fashion is big in Europe right now. (It’s very popular.)
  • They’ve got one of the biggest names in the business. (They’re well known in their industry.)
  • Big business is ruining small town America. (Big business = corporations)
  • That bank is too big to fail. (They have such a large impact on the economy, they must be supported.)
  • My neighbor has a big heart. (He’s very kind.)
  • Hey, what’s the big idea? (I don’t like what you’re doing or saying.)
  • That’s very big of you. (You did something noble or you made a sacrifice of some kind.)
  • The kids’ eyes got big as the chocolate cake was being cut. (Something attracted their attention.)
  • I have a big headache. (The headache is severe.)
  • Look at how big they are! (This is said about children as they are growing.)
  • He’s a big boy. / She’s a big girl. (This is said about small children as they are getting bigger and going from infant to toddler to child.)
  • No big deal. (No problem.)
  • No biggie. (This is an expression that is similar to "no big deal.")

Other adjectives that might be used in place of big are enormous, giant, gigantic, large, and huge.

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