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The word "mobile" is used to describe movement. If someone or something is mobile, it moves easily.

  • Mobile technology makes it easier than ever for people to communicate with each other around the world.
  • A cell phone is a mobile device. Tablet computers such as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab are also mobile devices.
  • The United States is a country with a very mobile society. People move up and down the social and economic ladder. They also frequently relocate.
  • A friend of mine broke his leg and has to remain in the hospital. His leg is immobile. (immobile = unable to move)

The word "mobility" is the noun form for this word:

  • Mobility is an important quality for a business these days.
  • Poor health and old age sometimes limit a person’s mobility.
  • Mobility is sometimes hampered by weather conditions. (hamper = prevent)
  • Upward mobility in the United States is available to anyone who is willing to work hard. (upward mobility = change in economic class)

The word "mobilize" is a verb. When things or people are mobilized, they are organized for a particular purpose:

  • When flooding threatened the town, volunteers were quickly mobilized to fill sandbags and fight against the rising water.
  • People in Syria mobilized to fight against the government.
  • A major snowstorm on the east coast immobilized travelers with two feet of snow. (immobilize = unable to move.)

mobile home

A mobile home is a home that you can easily move from one place to another.

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