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A ditch is an area of ground that has been dug below ground level for some purpose. The most common use of a ditch allows water to flow from a flat surface, such as a highway, so that cars and trucks aren’t stuck during a heavy rain.

In this picture, look at the area that’s just to the right of the road:


That’s a ditch. Without a ditch, water would accumulate on the surface of the road and create a hazard for motorists.

A bulldozer or some other type of machine is used to dig a ditch during the construction of a road or a highway.

But a ditch can also be dug by hand.

The word "ditch" can also be used as a verb. In this case, "ditch" means to throw away or get rid of something or to leave someone behind:

  • Henry felt bad because his friends ditched him at the mall.
  • Mary ditched her boyfriend and found someone new.
  • Charlene is trying to ditch her old car but no one will take it.
  • Someone ditched a burlap bag full of puppies by the side of the road. Fortunately, the bag was found and the puppies were saved.

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May 24, 2013



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