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The word "thought" is a noun that describes the thinking process. When an idea enters your mind, you have a thought.

  • That’s an interesting thought.
  • Bob gave a lot of thought to his decision.
  • Hold that thought. (Let’s consider that idea later.)
  • What are your thoughts about all of this? (What are your opinions?)
  • They didn’t put much thought into the design of the school. *
  • On second thought, I think I will have another piece of pizza. (on second thought = I have changed my mind.)
  • Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. (This is a common expression of condolence)

The word "thoughtful" is an adjective. It means that a person is considerate of other people and thinks carefully in regards to others:

  • That was a very thoughtful gift.
  • President Obama gave a thoughtful commencement speech at the graduation ceremony.
  • Thank-you! How thoughtful of you.

Of course, the word "thought" is also the past tense and past participle form for the verb "think."

  • She thought today was the 19th, but it’s actually the 20th.
  • I haven’t thought about that very much.

*Note: The word "thought" can be used as either a count noun or a noncount noun.

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May 20, 2013



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