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To imagine is to use one’s mind to think about possibilities. A person dreams about, visualizes, or considers something that does not exist right now.

  • John Lennon imagined a world in which everyone could live in peace.
  • The little girl likes to imagine that her stuffed animals are real animals and can talk.
  • The little boy imagines that one day he will become a great soccer player.
  • Imagine what you would do with your time if you had an entire month free from work or school.
  • Imagine the possibilities!

The word "imagine" is often used in sentences and questions in place of the word "think."

  • What do you imagine this might cost?
  • I imagine she wants us to stay for dinner.
  • How did they ever imagine they’d get this work finished on time?
  • How does the new manager imagine his role in the company?

The word "imagination" is a noun:

  • James has a wild imagination.
  • You have to use your imagination when considering the quality of the art work.
  • Sometimes her imagination gets the best of her.
  • Let your imagination go wild.
  • Use your imagination.

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Do you like to use your imagination?

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