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To obsess or be obsessed is to think constantly about a particular activity, object, or person. Generally, to be obsessed with anything isn’t considered to be healthy for a person’s physical or mental state; however, many people use this word to indicate desire or need.

  • Jennifer is obsessed with her Facebook page.
  • Jim obsesses over his grades.
  • Michelle is obsessed with losing weight, even though she’s kind of skinny.
  • The old man is obsessed over things that aren’t that important–such as the leaves on his lawn.
  • The police detective became obsessed by the pursuit of a murderer.
  • I’m obsessed with learning how to play the guitar.

Use the word "obsession" as a noun:

  • Her obsession with her weight lead to her anorexia.
  • My neighbor has an unhealthy obsession with guns.
  • Our manager’s obsession with perfection caused several employees to leave the company.
  • The man’s obsession with finding the perfect soul mate was the reason for several failed relationships.

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This page was first published on November 15, 2013.



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