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A person who is patient has the ability to wait for something to happen or tolerate difficulty.

  • You’ll have to be patient and wait until it’s your turn.
  • The kids aren’t being very patient. They want the cake now.
  • A patient dog waited for her family to return home.
  • Our teacher is very patient. She puts up with a lot of difficult students.
  • Henry has to learn to be patient. He’s very impatient. (The word "impatient" is the opposite of "patient.")

The word "patiently" is an adverb:

  • People waited patiently until their names were called.
  • Denise works patiently with the children.
  • The audience sat in the theater patiently until the performance began.

The word "patience" is a noun:

  • They have no patience. They can’t wait
  • Our teacher has little patience when it comes to misbehavior in the classroom. (He does not tolerate bad behavior.)
  • This situation is testing my patience.

Sometimes the word "patient" is used to describe a person who receives medical care:

  • The doctor is examining the patient.
  • He has a lot of patients waiting to see him. (Note: The words "patients" and "patience" sound the same.)


The doctor is with a patient.

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November 16, 2013



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