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You can use the word "eager" as an adjective to describe a person who really wants to do something, or a person is prepared and interested in completing some kind of work.

  • The children are eager to begin school.
  • Bob is an eager employee. He always arrives to work early.
  • The doctor was assisted by a young and eager nurse.
  • Cynthia is eager to find out what her test scores were.
  • The residents of the village are eager to find a better supply for water.
  • Eager moviegoers packed the cinema before the show began.

The word "eagerly" is an adverb:

  • Everyone is eagerly waiting for news about Sofia’s baby. Did she have it yet?
  • The passengers eagerly boarded the boat to begin their journey.
  • Ted is working eagerly on his project.

Note: Beavers are generally considered to be hard-working animals, always cutting down trees and building shelters. A hard-working person is sometimes referred to as an "eager beaver."


This is a beaver.

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October 5, 2013



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