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Use the word "rank" when describing the order or sequence in which things or people are compared.

In these sentences and questions, "rank" is a verb:

  • How does that school rank among the others?
  • How highly does it rank?
  • This magazine article ranks the cars that get the best gas mileage.
  • How did you rank as a student when you were in school?
  • How would you rank the overall quality of this grocery store?

In these sentences, "rank" is a noun. It’s also possible to use the word "ranking."

  • This college has a very high ranking among colleges in the midwest.
  • What was your rank in high school?
  • This hotel received a low ranking and bad reviews.
  • His rank in the U.S. military is that of a General.
  • People working in the lower ranks of the company were let go first when there were layoffs.
  • Workers in the rank and file had no idea there were problems with the company. (the rank and file = ordinary workers or ordinary people)

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This page was published on October 18, 2013.



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