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The word "dim" is an adjective that describes a low level of light.

dim It’s getting dim.

  • It gets dim as the sun sets.
  • It suddenly got dim as storm clouds passed overhead.
  • It was way too dim for Carla to read, so she turned on a light.
  • Dim lighting at the intersection caused an accident
  • The light coming from my computer was too bright, so I made it dimmer.

The word "dim" can also be used to describe a situation:

  • They took a dim view of his proposal. (They didn’t like his idea.)
  • Chances for a deal to avoid a government shutdown are looking dim.
  • Matt’s odds of getting the job that he wants are looking dimmer and dimmer.

Sometimes "dim" describes a person who is not very intelligent:

  • Todd is a dim person.
  • She’s not very interesting. In fact, she’s kind of dim.
  • A lot of people say that the owner of the company is a dimwit.

A device that decreases or increases the level of light is called a "dimmer."

  • Turn down the light with the dimmer.
  • Is there a dimmer switch?
  • Hit the dimmer.

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September 30, 2013



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