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The word "ultimate" is an adjective used for describing things that are extremely good or things that are final. Businesses often use this word when promoting products or services in commercials:

  • Disneyworld provides the ultimate experience for the whole family.
  • Bill’s Steakhouse offers the ultimate dining experience.
  • The train brought us to our ultimate destination. (This was the final location in a series of locations.)
  • There was no escape from the ultimate conclusion that the man was guilty.

The word "ultimately" is an adverb that is similar to the word "finally."

  • Ultimately, he gave in to the company’s request.
  • They ultimately decided to move to New Orleans after considering several other cities.

The word "ultimatum" is a noun. An ultimatum is a decision that is forced upon someone. There may be one choice or two choices, but the situation is serious and the person or people who have to choose are under pressure to agree:

  • Syria was given an ultimatum to hand over its chemical weapons or face a severe military action.
  • The company’s ultimatum forced the employees to accept a lower wage.

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