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The word "scrap" refers to material that remains following a project. Scraps are left over from an activity in which something is made. These scraps may still have a value or some other purpose.

  • We give food scraps to our dog.
  • That old car is only useful as scrap.
  • Large scraps of lumber remained after the construction project was completed.
  • Ifra used scrap pieces of fabric to create a quilt.
  • Scrap pieces of wood were used to build a fire.
  • Scrap metal can be melted and used again.

scrap scrap metal

The word "scrap" can also be used as a verb:

  • Donna decided to scrap her car. (She got rid of it.)
  • The company decided to scrap their plans for expansion.
  • Many people scrapped their vacation plans when they realized the economy was sinking.

Note: The "scr" blended sound is common in English, but it’s a challenge for some of my students. Click here to practice your pronunciation of the "scr" sound.

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This page was published on April 27, 2014.



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