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When it becomes necessary to put something into a small space, or when you schedule an activity within a short amount of time, you can use the verb "cram."

  • Jo Ann crammed as many clothes as she could fit into her suitcase before leaving on vacation.
  • It isn’t possible to cram large pieces of furniture into a small apartment.
  • We have too much food crammed into our refrigerator.
  • How many people can you cram into your car?
  • Benito and his family crammed a week’s worth of activities into just a few days when they visited Paris.
  • I’m sorry I can’t meet with you next week. My daily schedule is already crammed. (In this sentence, "cram" is an adjective.)
  • Olivia needs to cram for a test tomorrow. (The word "cram" is a very popular word to use when staying up all night in preparation for a test.)

crammed into samll space

He’s crammed into a very small office.

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August 3, 2014



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