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The verb "overcome" is similar to the words "win" or "defeat."

simple past past participle

There are many different situations in which this word can be applied. It’s usually used when a person faces a big problem.

  • The team overcame some difficult problems and eventually had a championship season.
  • Nelly overcame an addiction to smoking.
  • You must overcome your fear of speaking English in order to practice it in public.
  • It was good to hear that our friend, Leonard, has overcome his financial difficulties.

This verb is often used in the passive voice:

  • Several of the people were overcome by smoke from the fire and died.
  • She was overcome by her emotions and unable to speak.
  • These problems have been overcome through hard work and some big sacrifices.
  • We’re confident that these obstacles can be overcome.
  • Problems with a computer can be overcome with patience and persistence.


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Updated on August 27, 2017



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