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A jungle is a place where animals live. It’s an area densely packed with trees and many animals. People don’t normally live in the jungle. Jungles are found in warm or tropical areas of Earth near the equator but not in cold, northern climates.

  • Many different wild animals live in the jungle. (Notice we often say "the jungle.")
  • The native habitat for chimpanzees is the jungle.
  • There are a lot of snakes in the jungle.
  • Zoos try to duplicate life in the jungle for the animals that they keep, but it’s never the same as the real thing.
  • My backyard looks like a jungle in the summer.

We use the word "jungle" when describing situations that are difficult or dangerous.

  • The corporate jungle is a tough place to make a living.
  • Parks provide a sanctuary from the concrete jungle of cities like Chicago and New York.
  • Be careful. It’s a jungle out there.
  • When I was a kid, I enjoyed climbing on the jungle gym. Nowadays, few playgrounds have them because they’re a little dangerous.

jungle gym jungle gym

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