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There are several different ways to use the word "nature."

It can be used to describe areas and situations that human beings don’t control.

  • Wild forces in nature can be quite destructive.
  • Most people have an appreciation of nature.
  • Nature has a way of restoring itself.
  • The beauty of nature is impossible to duplicate exactly, yet we try.

The word "nature" can also be used to describe a person’s character:

  • It’s not in her nature to get so upset.
  • He has a very pleasant nature.
  • It’s in Mary’s nature to be generous.

Sometimes this word refers to a situation or a reason:

  • What is the nature of this visit?
  • The nature of the police officer’s questions raised the curiosity of people nearby.
  • There was a sudden snowstorm. Things of this nature don’t happen frequently here.
  • It’s in the nature of science to reduce things to their simplest forms.
  • We have to let nature take its course. (Whatever happens will happen and we can’t stop it.)

The words "nature" and "natural" are adjectives:

  • A nature center is a place where visitors can see plants and animals in their native habitat.
  • Steve and Linda like to go for nature walks.
  • They’re nature lovers.
  • Natural forests are worth preserving.
  • An angry outburst was the natural result of her frustration.
  • Rick is a natural when it comes to baseball. (He’s very good at it.)
  • Sarah prefers a natural look for her hair. (She doesn’t want it to look as if it’s styled.)
  • Her hair has a natural curl.

The word "naturally" is an adverb.

  • The color of her skin naturally gets darker whenever she visits her parents in Florida.
  • Naturally clean water is getting harder to find. Most of what we drink has been treated.
  • He’s naturally suited for this position. (He fits right it.)
  • Parents are naturally protective of their children.
  • We’ve been unnaturally busy at work lately. (The situation is different from what normally happens.)
  • Our boss is unnaturally pleasant today. Normally, he’s short with everyone. (To be short is to be rude, disrespectful, or mean.)


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February 14, 2014



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