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To say that a person or a thing is responsible for a negative situation is to place blame. There’s an effort to identify the source or the reason why something bad happened. You can use this word as a verb or as a noun:

  • Tom blamed the driver of the other car for the accident he was in.
  • Who was to blame for the accident?
  • Tom said the other driver was to blame.
  • Teresa blames her husband’s gambling habit for their current financial situation.
  • The children were blamed for starting the fire, but they weren’t the only ones responsible.
  • "Don’t blame me for your test results," said the teacher. "You didn’t study."
  • Who’s to blame for putting the ice cream cone on top of the computer?

ice cream cone on computer Who’s to blame for this?

You can also use "blame" as a noun:

  • Who gets the blame for the accident?
  • The blame goes to the person who failed to yield.
  • There’s enough blame to go around for this situation. *
  • The teacher got the blame for the students’ poor test results.

*There’s enough blame to go around: many people are responsible for the mistake or problem.

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July 16, 2014



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