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The word "finance" is often used when doing business. Whether you receive money or provide it, this word is good to know.

These sentences use "finance" as a verb:

  • We need to finance a new car. (We need to get money from a lender, such as a bank.)
  • The bank is going to help us finance the purchase.
  • The mortgage was financed at an interest rate of five percent.
  • The city is financing the construction of a new parking garage. (This sentence is in the present continuous tense.)

You often hear the word "finance" used as a noun in the plural form.

  • How are your finances? (you money situation)
  • The company’s finances are a mess. (It’s hard to understand the flow of money, in or out.)
  • After college, Jimmy hopes to enter the world of high finance. (high finance = a big bank that
  • An accountant can give you very good advice about managing your finances.

The word "financial" is an adjective:

  • Their financial situation isn’t very good.
  • A financial advisor can help them figure out how to save for the future.
  • The financial world thought very little of the corporation’s second quarter results. (financial world = investors, banks, decision makers, etc.)
  • Edna decided not to marry Fernando because she doubted his financial stability.
  • Their financial house is not in order. (financial house = the financial condition)

The word "financially" is an adverb:

  • The country is financially stable. (It’s doing well.)
  • They’re very well off financially. (They have a lot of money.)

man at desk His company’s finances are in good shape.

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March 6, 2014



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