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When a company, an area, or a person get larger in some measurable way, there’s growth. This word is a noun:

  • Growth in this region has been increasing in the last ten years.
  • The transportation system in the city can’t keep up with the growth in demand for transit.
  • The growth in internet traffic for this website continues to double every year.
  • The company I work for is focusing on growth.
  • The growth of the economy is dependent on a rise in employment.
  • Sales growth in the last year has gone through the ceiling.


The word "growth" is often used for a person:

  • His growth over the last six months has been noticeable. (He got taller.)
  • Mary didn’t notice any personal or spiritual growth as a member of that church.
  • Katie’s growth in maturity is plain to see following the birth of her son.
  • Juan has shown very little growth as a student.
  • Grades in school are one measurement of intellectual growth.

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March 7, 2014



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