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If something is not renewing itself or it’s no longer fresh, it might be stagnant. This word is often used to describe water, air, and business activity.

  • Stagnant water is a place where mosquitoes like to breed.
  • Lily pads* grow very easily in a stagnant pond.
  • If you want to reduce the insect population in your area, get rid of the stagnant water.
  • The air in this room feels stagnant. We need to open a window.
  • Stagnant air in a slum becomes a breeding place for disease.
  • When a country suffers from a stagnant economy, it must do something new to stimulate growth.
  • During a period of stagnation, it’s hard to find a job. (The word "stagnation" is a noun.)

* lily pads This pond is filled with lily pads. The water in the pond is stagnant.

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May 24, 2014



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