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When a person or a thing is stuck, it’s difficult or impossible to move.

jacket caught in the door

  • His jacket is stuck in the door.
  • Brian’s car got stuck in the mud.
  • Janet is stuck on a math problem. She needs help from the teacher.
  • Help me. I’m stuck!
  • The door is stuck. She can’t get it open.
  • The lid on this jar is stuck. Hit it a few times to unstick it.
  • Sheila is stuck in traffic.

When this word is in the form of a verb, it’s the past tense of "stick."

  • The nurse stuck a needle in the man’s arm. (stuck = put)
  • Someone stuck a nasty picture of the teacher on the wall.
  • The little girl stuck to her mother like glue as they walked through the market. (stuck = stayed with)
  • Todd stuck with his version of events–even though the police knew he was lying.

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May 15, 2014



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