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Use your back teeth (incisors and molars) to chew food. This action is different from the use of the front teeth. The front teeth bite food. The back teeth chew food.

  • Some teachers don’t let students chew gum in class.
  • Do you like to chew gum?
  • I can’t chew on my right side because I have a toothache there.
  • The dog chewed on the leg of the couch.
  • Many baseball players like to chew tobacco. (Yuck!)
  • Chewing food is a very pleasurable sensation. (This sentence uses "chew" as a gerund.)

Add the letter "y" to form the adjective, chewy:

  • This candy is sticky and chewy.
  • I can’t eat chewy and sticky candy because I’ve had a lot of dental work.
  • The meat in this beef stew is kind of tough and chewy.

The adjective can also be made with an "ing" ending:

  • Do you have any chewing gum?

Use your back teeth to chew your food.

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October 6, 2014



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