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In addition to receiving a paycheck from work, many workers receive benefits. Benefits take the form of bonuses, vacation pay, sick pay, a pension, retirement savings, etc. Benefits aren’t exactly the same thing as receiving money, but they have value. They’re a form of compensation.

  • Victoria had a job that offered good benefits.
  • When she lost her job, she lost her benefits including health insurance.
  • Health insurance is an important benefit that most people in the United States receive through their employer.
  • What kind of benefits do you get at work?

You can also use the word "benefit" as a verb when describing something good that happens.

  • Hamza benefits from having a large, supportive family.
  • Students benefit from having access to new technology.
  • This donation of one million dollars is going to benefit a lot of people who need help.
  • Her work greatly benefits the company that she works for.
  • Elderly people are among the millions of Americans who benefit from the social security system.

elderly person

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September 29, 2014



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