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The word "whoops" is an interjection. It’s similar to "wow," "hey," and "no." (An interjection is almost always just one word.) Interjections can be used alone or as part of a sentence, but they stand out from the other parts of speech because a person chooses an interjection based entirely on the situation he or she might be in.

  • "Whoops! I made a mistake.
  • She didn’t give you a book? Whoops.
  • Whoops! I meant to say "he," not "she."
  • "Whoops! Be careful.

You’ll also hear some people say "whoopsy" or "whoopsy daisy," especially when talking with children.

  • Whoopsy! You fell down. Are you okay?
  • Whoopsy daisy! She bumped her head on the table.


Whoops! Someone didn’t pack his parachute.

Don’t worry! He has a reserve chute.

Note: This word is similar to "oops."

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September 6, 2014



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