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A pocket is a part of a person’s clothing in which things may be carried.

  • I keep my cell phone in my pocket.
  • I also carry my keys around in my pocket.
  • Do you use your pockets for carrying money?
  • Many men put their wallets in their back pocket.
  • A shirt pocket is useful for carrying around pens and pencils.
shirt pocket
  • He has his hands in his pockets.

We also use the word "pocket" when talking about the game of pool or billiards. A pocket is a place where the balls enter on a pool table.

  • He’s about to shoot the ball into the corner pocket.
  • When playing pool, you’re supposed to call the pocket before making the shot.
  • There are four corner pockets and two side pockets on a pool table.

Finally, a pocket can be an open area filled with air, liquid or a solid:

  • Victims of a boating accident may survive inside an air pocket created when the boat flips over in the water.
  • A bruise is formed by pockets of blood that collect underneath your skin.
  • Gold miners search for pockets of gold when prospecting.

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August 18, 2015



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