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If something is divine, it’s very, very good.

  • The cake we had at the party was absolutely divine.
  • Theodore’s artwork is divine. Everyone loves it.
  • We attended a divine dinner party last night.
  • The actress’s divine performance in that film earned her an Oscar.

The word "divine" is also used within a religious context and in reference to God:

  • Lives were saved thanks to some sort of divine intervention.
  • Eunice feels God’s divine love every day, but especially when she attends church services.
  • The Divine Mercy devotion is a request for God’s mercy, recognizing sin and asking for forgiveness. (Notice that the word "divine" is sometimes capitalized when referring to God.)
  • Kings and queens used to claim their power and position came as a result of divine right. (God gave them that power.)
  • Patrick is attending divinity school to prepare for a career in the clergy. (He wants to become a minister. The word "divinity" can be used as a noun or as an adjective.)


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December 4, 2015



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