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(el  i  ji  bul)


A person who is eligible for something is of the right age, has the necessary skill or training, meets a certain requirement, has the proper credentials, and so on. The word "eligible" is used when describing whether or not a person may participate in an activity or join a group.

  • After living in the United States for five years, Tina is now eligible to go through the process of becoming a United States citizen.
  • The little girl is not eligible to join the Girl Scouts because she’s too young.
  • Mark is ineligible to drive because he’s only 14 years old. (ineligible = not eligible)
  • You’ll be eligible to collect social security payments when you turn 62.
  • Several eligible candidates were chosen to be interviewed for the position. (They had the right training to be considered for a job.)
  • You’ll be eligible for a raise after you’ve worked for our company for six months. (Your pay might increase, based on your performance as a worker.)

The word "eligibility" is a noun:

  • The runner’s eligibility to participate in the race was questioned due to accusations of steroid use.
  • Eligibility for financial assistance from the government varies from one state to another.


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January 6, 2015



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