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January 19, 2015 – Word of the Day



A sample is a small amount of something from a much larger amount. The sample gives a person an idea of what something tastes like, feels like, smells like, or looks like. This word is similar to the word "example."

  • Samples of food are often provided at grocery stores.
  • After trying a sample of cheddar cheese, we decided to buy it.
  • Valerie brought home some wallpaper samples for her kitchen.
  • A small sample of paint was applied to a wall in the living room to see how it would look.
  • Greg sent in some samples of his artwork in order to find a job as an artist.
  • You can find many interesting samples of new music on Soundcloud.
  • The doctor wants to look at a sample of your blood.
  • Some companies require employees to provide a urine sample to determine if an employee has been using illegal drugs.

sample  sample

The word "sample" is often used as a verb when tasting a small amount of food:

simple past past participle
  • We sampled some very good wine at a winery. (A winery is a place that makes wine.)
  • Would you like to sample some of this avocado? (Would you like to try it? Sample = try)
  • Sample some of this cheese. It’s very good. (Try some of this cheese.)

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