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January 22, 2015 – Word of the Day



To visit is to go to a place to see a thing or spend time with a person.

  • We’re visiting some friends this weekend.
  • The police visited the house across the street.
  • Ole and Lena were visited over the holidays by family and friends.
  • Latifah visits this website almost every day.
  • What are some places that you like to visit?

The word "visit" is also used as a noun.

  • Vera stayed for a short visit.
  • Edward dropped by for a surprise visit.
  • Let’s make a visit to Ireland next year.
  • Our visit to the zoo lasted the entire day.
  • I’m sorry. We have to cut our visit short.
  • Carl extended his visit by another week.
  • We had a nice visit.
  • He paid a visit to a friend in the hospital.

visit He’s visiting a friend.

The word "vistor" is used for a person who makes a visit:

  • He received many visitors while staying in the hospital.
  • Visitors to the museum are asked to make donations before they enter; otherwise, it’s free.
  • This website gets between seven to eight thousand vistors per day.
  • We had a lot of visitors yesterday.

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