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To report something is to give information. This word is used by business, government, organizations, schools, and the media when putting together statistics and ideas.

  • TV anchors report the news.
  • A meteorologist reports on the weather.
  • A sports announcer reports sports results.
  • A traffic monitor reports the driving conditions on streets and highways.
  • A reporter may work for a newspaper, a magazine, a website, a radio station, or a television station.

This word is often used for serious situations:

  • I’m going to report this to the police.
  • An incident in the office was reported to the supervisor.
  • The deaths of six young people from Ireland is being reported in the news today.
  • Witnesses reported what they saw to the authorities.
  • I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to report this.
  • Todd was required to report for active duty (He is a member of the military.)
  • Jane has to report for work tomorrow.

The word "report" is often used as a noun. The purpose of a report is to understand how well or how poorly something functions.

  • Did you read the report?
  • I have to file a report.
  • The report shows that sales took a hit last quarter.
  • A recent report on the economy shows improving conditions in almost every area.
  • We’re working on a report for a project at work.
  • Bob is working on a report for school.
  • Fartun has to turn in a book report on a book that she read.


He’s looking over the report.

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June 17, 2015



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