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When a government or a person in a position of authority takes away a privilege or permission to do something, you can use the word "revoke."

  • Tony’s driver’s license was revoked because he has too many traffic offenses.
  • The car dealership is revoking an offer of free gas and car washes to customers.
  • Vanessa is afraid of having her child care license revoked following an accident at the daycare facility that she owns.
  • The city revoked a license given to that business because it disregarded the law so often.
  • Todd’s probation was revoked after he got into some trouble with the police.
  • Cindy’s visa was revoked because she violated some local laws.
  • A majority of citizens of South Carolina want to revoke a law pertaining to the flying of the confederate flag.

The word "revocation" is a noun.

  • The revocation of the law went into effect immediately.


A judge has the power to revoke a privilege provided by a local, state, or federal authority.

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June 23, 2015



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