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A hook is a thing that catches, snags, grabs onto, connects, or pulls away a thing or a person.

Perhaps the most common type of hook is a fish hook.
  • A fish hook has a barb at the end of it.
  • The hole on a hook is attached to a fishing line.

fish hook

fish hook

  • A fish hook is used for catching fish.
  • Bait, such as a worm or some other small fish, is placed on the hook. A fish tries to eat the bait on the hook.
  • A fish gets hooked through the mouth when it goes for the bait.

He got hooked

through the mouth.

  • A hook might also be used for grabbing onto something
  • A worker attached a steel beam to the hook.
  • In sports, a hook is the direction that a ball takes when it doesn’t go straight.
  • A golfer with a hook sends the ball to the left.
  • A boxer tries to hit his opponent with a left or right hook.

left hook = left hand

right hook = right hand

  • Musicians who create music try to come up with a hook for popular songs. A hook is a catchy combination of chords or notes.
  • Messages broadcast on radio and television may contain a hook that catches the attention of the audience.
  • People hook up with each other for friendship and romance.
  • Your computer is hooked up to the internet.

  • A person hooked on drugs has an unhealthy addiction.
  • If a pirate ever loses his hand during a fight or in a shark attack, his hand is often replaced with a hook. (A real pirate wouldn’t be caught dead with a modern prosthesis.)

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May 8, 2015



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