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If something is lethal, that means it can kill a person. This word is very similar to the adjective, "deadly."

  • The man was carrying a lethal weapon. (He was carrying a deadly weapon.)
  • If you take too much medicine, the result might be lethal.
  • In states were the death penalty is legal, convicted murderers may receive lethal injection as a form of punishment.
  • A lethal amount of alcohol consumed in a very short amount of time led to the death of the young woman.
  • A bite from a scorpion could be lethal.

lethal scorpion scorpion

You might hear the word "lethal" when someone exaggerates an effect or a result:

  • The cologne that guy is wearing is lethal.
  • Randy claims that his hands are lethal weapons because of his expertise in karate.
  • The woman’s overpowering beauty and angelic singing voice had a lethal effect on the audience.

Note: This word uses an unvoiced "th" sound in the middle of it. If you have trouble with the pronunciation of this sound, click here.

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November 14, 2015



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