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Crowd At State Fair

Instructions for posting crowd at state fair to your website

You have exported crowd at state fair using QuickTime Player. The following information will help you post this movie to your website.

In the same folder as this instructional HTML file, QuickTime Player has placed various versions of your movie optimized for web-delivery. Also in that folder is a reference movie, which selects the best version for your users’ various devices and connection speeds. By including this reference movie in your HTML page, you can ensure a quality video experience on your site.

Here’s a preview (requires Internet connection):

Use the following HTML code to embed your movie into your web page.

Important Notes:

  • To make your media viewable on the Internet, your media assets (movies, poster image) must be placed on a publicly accessible server.
  • The URL parameters must be modified if your media assets are served from a different location than your web page.
  • The movie URL parameters must always point to the reference movie (crowd at state rather than a source movie.
  • The reference movie must be kept in the same folder as the source movies.
  • Source movie names cannot be changed, but you can change the name of the reference movie (remember to change it in the HTML code as well).
  • Please note, to properly validate as XHTML, the <style> tag and the first <script> tag should be placed within your page’s <head> tag.

You may choose whether to use a JavaScript movie controller, including a Play/Pause button and a clickable timeline, or the original QuickTime movie controller:

Use this code in the <head> of your web page:

Use this code in the <body> of your web page:


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