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When used as a verb, the word "strip" means to take something off or take something away.

simple past past participle
  • This old table needs to be stripped of its old finish.
  • Ariana stripped off her clothes before getting into bed.
  • Housekeepers strip beds of dirty sheets and blankets when cleaning a room. After they strip the beds, they put new sheets on them.
  • One of our coworkers was stripped of his responsibilities and his position because he failed to meet the expectations of his supervisors.
  • The nurse told the patient to strip down to his underwear before the doctor came in to examine him.
  • A person subjected to a strip search is regarded as dangerous or possibly carrying illegal materials.

When the word "strip" is a noun, it refers to a narrow area or a narrow object:

  • A narrow landing strip was carved out of the wilderness for planes to land and bring in supplies.
  • Several strips of paper were left on the floor from students who cut paper for an art project.
  • Before movies were available in a digital format, people watched films on a film strip that ran through a film projector.

film strip

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April 11, 2016



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