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To dazzle someone is to show brilliance, beauty, or flashiness. The word "dazzle" is a verb, and the word "dazzling" is an adjective.

  • Rena has a dazzling smile.
  • She dazzles everyone with her smile.
  • The basketball player dazzled the spectators with his quickness on the court.
  • He showed off a little razzle-dazzle on the court. (razzle-dazzle = skill)
  • There was a dazzling display of musical talent at the concert.
  • The audience was dazzled by the guitarist on stage.
  • The jewels on the woman’s dress are absolutely dazzling.
  • You can’t help but be dazzled by the beautiful jewelry that she’s wearing.
  • Rio de Janeiro is a dazzling city with many interesting places to visit.
  • Tourists are dazzled by the beautiful beaches and the people who live there.

She has a dazzling smile!


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August 5, 2016



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