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If something is obvious, it’s easy to see it or understand it.

  • The answer to his question is obvious. (The answer is easy to see.)
  • Doesn’t this seem obvious? It seems obvious to me.
  • The solution to this problem is so obvious.
  • This is so obvious, I can’t believe you don’t see it.
  • It’s obvious that this isn’t going to work.
  • Melinda tries not to be too obvious about her interest in Manuel.
  • It’s obvious that Abraham wants to get a new job.
  • Don’t you think this is obvious?

The word "obviously" is an adverb.

  • Obviously, you don’t understand.
  • Obviously, Isabel doesn’t like to clean. Just look at this mess!
  • Tyrone is obviously bored. He keeps yawning.
  • This is an obviously simple answer.


He’s obviously unhappy about something.

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August 17, 2016



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