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A screen is a flat surface on which images are shown. In these sentences, the word "screen" is a noun:

  • You’ll wreck your eyes if you sit too closely to a TV screen.
  • Television screens are measured diagonally.
  • The TV screen in my basement measures 60 inches.
  • Movie screens in movie theaters are large enough for hundreds of people to watch a movie at the same time.
  • Our classroom has a pull-down screen that’s fastened to the ceiling.
  • A computer screen casts light on the person who sits in front of it.
  • Mobile devices have small five or six-inch screens.
  • Parents should think about how much screen time their kids are getting every day. (screen time = the amount of time that a person sits in front of a computer, iPad, or television)
  • Video gamers can quickly rack up several hours of screen time every day. (gamer = a person who plays video games)
  • You can get a screen shot of your computer screen by holding down the shift key + command + 4 and then drawing your cursor over the area to be captured.

kid in front of screen

He’s sitting in front of a computer screen.

When the word "screen" is used as a verb, it means to filter, monitor, or block a thing or person who may want to contact you.

  • We screen incoming phone calls with an answering machine.
  • Airline passengers are screened to make sure they aren’t carrying weapons.
  • Phone calls to radio programs are screened for callers who want to make comments on a live broadcast.
  • Resumes are screened by employers who are looking for qualified applicants to interview for a job.
  • A screen door allows fresh air into your house while keeping bugs and insects out.
  • Homeowners plant trees in their yard to screen their view of something unpleasant like a highway or an ugly building.

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August 22, 2016



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