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The word "beautiful" is a popular adjective used to describe attractive people, places, things, activities, and the weather.

  • We had beautiful weather last week.
  • Chicago is well known for its beautiful art and architecture.
  • Those flowers look beautiful.
  • The Minneapolis skyline is beautiful at night .
  • She is a beautiful woman.

The word "beautifully" is an adverb:

  • Elmer plays the piano beautifully. (The adverb describes how he plays.)
  • The house if beautifully landscaped. (The adverb describes how the house is landscaped.)
  • The cake was beautifully decorated. (The adverb describes how the cake was decorated.)

The word "beauty" is a noun:

  • Have you seen Edgar’s new car? It’s a beauty.
  • The beauty of Paris is evident throughout the city.
  • The women of Colombia are known for their beauty.

Date of publication: December 2, 2016



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