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A pen is a device used for writing. A pen contains ink.

  • Raphael took notes with a pen.
  • Vanessa used a pen to sign the contract.
  • The teacher asked for the assignment to be written in pen.
  • I usually keep a pen in my shirt pocket.
  • Do you have a pen on you?
  • Can I borrow a pen?

signing a contract

It’s necessary to use a pen when signing a contract.

A pen is also an enclosure for people and animals.

  • Pigs are kept in a pen.
  • Other animals such as goats or sheep are also kept in a pen; otherwise, they might run away.

  • Criminals are housed in a penitentiary. (The word "pen" is short for "penitentiary.")
  • My old neighbor, Oscar, is serving two years in the pen for tax evasion.
  • Babies play in a playpen.
  • A playpen keeps babies safe.

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Date of publication: December 22, 2016


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