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A mother is a woman who has children or is responsible for raising children.

  • Larissa is the mother of four children.
  • She’s a good mother.
  • Tanya would like to be a mother someday.
  • She wants to become a mother.
  • Several mothers of children on this street are at home during the day.
  • My mother’s favorite flower was a rose. (The word "mother" in this sentence is singular and possessive.)

The words "mom" and "mommy" are common substitutes for the word "mother."

  • Rick’s mom is from Venezuela.
  • The mom next door has two children.
  • Larissa is a good mom.
  • She’s a stay-at-home mom. (She doesn’t have a job outside her home, but she still works by taking care of her kids and her home.)
  • Tina is looking for her mommy.
  • Brandon says he has two mommies.
  • Harold calls his mom "mama."

The mother or your mother is your grandmother or grandma.

  • We’re going to my grandmother’s house this weekend.
  • George loves his grandma’s cooking.
  • Charlene lives with her grandmother.
  • My great-grandmother lived until the age of 92. (great-grandmother = mother of your grandmother)


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July 8, 2016



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